Mix and match from 200 stores and 50,000,000 products to get free shipping!

For a limited time! Get Giftapart+  for only $79 and free shipping with purchase of $29+... See your Giftapart Profile page for details.

Introducing Giftapart+

Giftapart+ members receive free shipping for purchases $49 and over, extra 50% Cashback Rewards on all purchases, get Cashback Rewards even others purchase gift parts from the member's gift list, and can download all their event photos in full resolution in one execution.*

Free shipping

Giftapart is the world's largest social ecommerce marketplace offering over 50,000,000 products from more than 200 stores. When purchased individually from a retailer's ecommerce store, consumers often face shipping charges. Now, Giftapart+ provides a way for shoppers to mix various products from different stores into one shopping cart. So long as the total price reaches $49, the Giftapart+ member gets free shipping on the entire purchase.

Extra Cashback Rewards

Giftapart already provides the best deals with awesome Cashback Rewards on almost every purchase. With Cashback Rewards, shoppers can easily buy what they need at better prices than offered by the stores directly. Cashback Rewards quickly add up, and Giftapart users can use those rewards to buy anything except gift cards from Giftapart. Cashback Rewards can be used for purchases, gift part contributions, and can even be donated towards any of the great charities on the Giftapart Foundation.

Giftapart+ members get even more Cashback Rewards on every purchase! Actually, they get 50% more! So for every $1 in Cashback Rewards, a Giftapart+ member gets $1.50. With this fabulous program, Giftapart users can easily accumulate tons of Cashback Rewards.

Cashback Rewards on gift registries too!

Giftapart+ members get Cashback Rewards on every purchase that is made through their gift lists. When others purchase your gifts through the Giftapart part system, you earn the Cashback Reward on that transaction.

With Cashback Rewards reaching 10%, you can potentially earn $10 for every $100 that go through your registry. And with some events like weddings having an average total gift registry value of almost $5,000, that could add up to an additional $500 to spend on whatever you want.

Download all your event photos

All photos and videos stored on Giftapart are full resolution. Anyone can download any photo or video with full resolution at any time. But Giftapart+ members can download the entire event album with all the photos and videos linked to that event.

There's no better place to organize an event, plan the event with others, share event stories, and keep all the event media together in one place. Now, with Giftapart+, you can download all the media together. This makes it easier to sync all your event memories with your current media storage software or cloud service. Plus with all the full resolution pictures on your computer, you can easily have your favorite pictures printed.

Students & corporate partnerships

Giftapart is happy to help students participate in all the benefits of Gifatpart+ with a 50% discount on an yearly membership. Instead of paying $99, students who attend a qualifying college or university can purchase one year of Giftapart+ for $49.50.

Corporation partners can extend Giftapart+ to their employees for a discounted price. To verify whether your company is a qualifying partner, please contact your Human Resources department.

Is your school or company not a Giftapart+ partner yet? Why not ask them to join. There's no cost to your school or corporation, and participating is easy. Ask your school Dean or HR administrator to email us at

Get the apps

Giftapart apps are available for free on the Apple & Google app stores. Apps have full Giftapart+ functionality.