Create a Happening.

Your events are where special things happen. People come together to celebrate life's moments. They happen for a reason. We like to call them Happenings.

Best party planner. Ever.

Happenings are fun. Social. And yours.

There are two options.


Standard Happenings are streamlined for basic event management. These Happenings are easy and fast to create, and require almost no customization. You simply enter the necessary information, set the guest parameters, and select a header image (or upload your own), and that's it. Fast and easy.

College events
Get togethers

Create Standard Happening


Elegant Happenings have a Main page and a separate Invitation page. The Main page is an event elegant homeage that introduces your guests to the event, you can provide a # info, an optional countdown clock, custom event URL, and share stories. A separate page shows the beautiful Invitation screen.

Baby showers
Grand openings
Formal events

Create Elegant Happening

Our pricing plans are simple: Free

There's no better place to manage your Happenings than Giftapart. Full-featured event planner. Always free. And ad-free. No ad clutter for you or your guests.

FREE Standard Elegant
Create event notifications
Create event notifications
  Provide guests details, such as date, time, location, and a custom note to the guests
Provide guests details, such as date, time, location, and a custom note to the guests
  Set a custom RSVP date/time
Set a custom RSVP date/time
  Advanced guest settings: Invitees' guests, sharing, children & private guest list
Advanced guest settings: Invitees can bring guests, allow sharing, child friendly, and private guest list
  Create public event and secret code option
Create public event and allows a secret code RSVP option
  Link gift lists and/or wish lists
Link your Giftapart gift list and/or wish list for guests' easy gifting
  Invite guests to their email or cell phone
Easily invite guests by uploading their email addresses and/or cell phone numbers (SMS).
  Guests easily RSVP by clicking an AD-FREE link
Guests easily RSVP by clicking an AD-FREE link
  Easily upload all contacts*
Easily upload all your contacts for quick guest management
  Guests can leave you a note with the RSVP
Guests can leave you a quick note with their RSVP reply
  Co-admins allowed
Allows for co-admins of the Happening so more than one person can manage the Happening together
  A dedicated Happening social feed for guests to post, share stories and upload media
A dedicated social feed linked to your Happening for guests to post, share stories and upload media
  Number of guests
Number of guests Unlimited Unlimited
  A customizable Happening homepage
A customizable Happening homepage with your stories
  Elegant invitation styling you can customize
Elegant stand-alone invitation you can customize with font, clipart and background selections
  Get a custom URL for the Happening
Get a custom URL for your Happening to share with your guests
  Hashtag (#) and countdown clock options
Optional Hashtag (#) field for your Happening and countdown clock
  Easy & fast set-up time
Be up and running in minutes: Easy and fast set-up time 3 minutes 10 minutes
Create Create

Beautiful guest manager.

Easily see who's coming and invite guests.

Guests will love to share stories and media.

Every Happening has a dedicated social feed for you and your guests to chat about the Happening and share all the awesome event stories and media.

Just tell your guests to easily share all their selfies, pictures and videos to the Happenings page. It's easy for the guests to find the upload feed because it's the same as their Happening invite.

Link your gift list.

Your guests can easily find and contribute to what you really want and need. Only Giftapart's gift-part system provides a way for you to get the gift list items in the order you select.

Getting married and really need a fridge? It costs $1,599. Unlikely any one of your guests will buy it for you. Understandble. But that's what you really need.

Using Giftapart, the fridge is broken up into affordable parts for everyone to chip-in. You get what you really need, in the order you want. Cool.

Learn more about gifting

Wish lists

Giftapart gives you the option to create both gift-a-part gift lists and traditional wish lists. If you place items in a wish list, others can buy items in full from your wish list and the product is then shipped directly to you.

Do both.

Do a gift list. Do a wish list.

We believe gift lists are the best because you always get what you need. And you actually make it easier for the gift giver: They don't need to think about what to gift to you. It's super easy and fast for gift givers. Happenings allow you to link one gift list and one wish list, so it's up to you how you prefer to create your gift registry.


Your Giftapart calendar lists all the Happenings you've created, and your friends' too! It's a great way to stay connected to all the events and gifting dates.

TIP: Follow the retailers you like and you just might see really great sales going on right on your calendar.

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Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. *** It’s genius and so easy to use.

Ben Crossman


Giftapart takes the stress out of group gift giving.


While buying a group gift is usually painful and frustrating, Giftapart makes the process easy for everyone involved.

Marlo Anderson